After pulling farm stock tractors at the age of sixteen, my dream was to own a smoker tractor. One day flipping through a Pulling Magazine , I finally thought my childhood dream would come true. This tractor of my childhood dreams originated from the Midwest. This tractor which is a 4560 John Deere Super Farm captured the Midwest for 1997 and 1998 season. When I purchased this tractor I thought it could be a challenge for the East Coast pulling series.

     Being the owner and driver of this tractor, I would have a clean start. My granddaughter, Chelsey renamed this Super Farm to Gon' Moken. She wanted her pappy to say to go smoking, but at age three "S's" was not well pronounced; they sounded like "M's". Gon' Moken's first year on the East Coast soil was full of many surprises. By the end of the 1999 pulling season Gon' Moken captured the 1999 East Coast Limited Pro Championship. This accomplishment was the start to my success on our new hobby.

     The John Deere 4560 has been redesigned into a Pro-stock Tractor. In 2001-2002 we had very competitive competition! We are looking forward to a better 2003 season.

     Also, we wish to extend our 'personal' thanks to all the fans that followed 'Gon Moken'. We hope to see you there in 2003!

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